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I LOVE CHILDREN'S BOOKS!  I have shelves full of them at home and have discovered that they have messages for adults as well as children of all ages.  

I am a native of Southern California.  I received my B.A. in English from California Baptist University where I pursued my passion for literature and drama.  I taught for eleven years at Agape Christian School in Riverside, Calfiornia.  Six of those years were happily spent in the computer lab/library where I fell in love with children's books and began using them to teach spiritual truths. 

My husband, Merle, and I lived in Albuquerque, New Mexico for 7 years. There I taught fourth grade for four years.  My students' favorite time of the school day was when I donned a hat and read to them from one of my favorite children's books as Mrs. Halywabb (Hat Lady With A Book Bag).

Merle and I now live in south Arkansas where I teach third grade at West Side Christian School in El Dorado.  We are the proud parents of Jonathan and Davina Wiseman, Branton and Brittany Wiseman, and Ryan and Michelle Wheelington.  We are blessed with four granchildren, Kailani and Meleia Wiseman and Dawson and Brooklyn Wheelington.

I take delight in writing, reading, acting, directing, riding carousels, flying kites, and cuddling grandchildren.





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